Open STEP File Quickly and Easily

Open STEP File can be done in very easy ways. A file with.STP or. A STEP file extension is most likely to be STEP 3D CAD file saved in the Standard Format for the Exchange of Product Data (STEP) format. They contain lots of information regarding 3D objects and are typically used to transfer 3D data between the different CAD and CAM programs.

open step file

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A STEP file could also be a Robo Help Stop List file, which is a plain text file up to 512 characters long. It contains a list of words that are associated with Smart Index wizards that you should ignore when making a search index for the help docs. For instance, words like “or” and “a” are ignored from documentation searches to avoid showing information that is not relevant.

Microsoft Share Point uses STEP files, too, but for templates documents. Like any other template, the STEP file serves as a way to swiftly start creating a web page using a similar design as the other. 

A STEP file might instead serve as an XML-based Analysis Studio Project Information file that holds several settings and objects for Analysis Studio projects.

STEP is also an acronym for some non-file extension terms like software test plan, scheduled transfer protocol, secure transfer protocol, system test procedure, and shielded twisted pair.

How to Open an STP File

Several software programs can open STEP 3D CAD files. However, Autodesk Fusion 360 is the most versatile because it runs on Windows, Mac OS, and other mobile devices, as well as through the web browser.

Some other STEP file openers that work with this CAD file format include Free CAD, AB Viewer, Turbo CAD, CATIA from Dassault Systemes, and IDA-STEP. There is also a free online STEP viewer from Share

Adobe Robo Help opens STEP files that are for stop lists. You can also use Microsoft’s Share Point for opening STEP files that are Share Point Template files.

You can create new STEP files in Share Point through Site Settings > Administrations > Go to Site Administration, and then Save site as a template in the Management and Statistics area.

Appricon’s Analysis Studio program opens STEP files that belong to that software, but we do not have any valid download links. There is one from, and there is not any way to purchase the program. It has its inclusion here should you find another way to make it work.

Ways to Convert STEP Files

The STEP 3D CAD software from the above should also be able to convert the file to other formats, especially Auto desk Fusion 360. You can easily find the conversion tool in a Save as or Export menu button.

You can also easily convert STEP files to STL using 3D Transformation or Make XYZ. They are both online STEP 3D CAD file converters so that they can work with any Operating System.

Cross Manager is another STEP file converter, but it doesn’t work online; you have to install it on your computer to use. However, it supports several export formats in addition to STL, like PDF, OBJ, PRT, VDA, SAT, 3MF, and MODEL.

The trial version of Cross Manager will only convert to 3D or 2D PDF. Other formats are available if you purchase the full program.

The trial version of Convert CAD can convert STEP to PDF, but only if it is less than 100 KB. If it is smaller than 12MB, you can try the free Cool

The Free CAD program mentioned above should be able to convert STEP to OBJ as well as the DXF. There are lots of information out there about converting STEP files to the DWG file.

If your STEP file is in a different format that does not concern with the 3D CAD file format. You may consider using the software that opens the file to convert it to a new file format. For example, Share Point is most likely the best program for converting Share Point Template files.

Is Your File Still Not Opening?

If you can not get your file to open with the programs mentioned above, the chances are that you are not dealing with a STEP file in any of the formats.

The first thing to do is double-check that the file extension indeed reads STEP and not something that is spelled similarly like STE. With suffixes like STP, don’t assume that the file formats can use with the same applications.

In the STEP example, the file opens with programs like Adobe Dreamweaver and Samsung Image Viewer. This is since it could be either a Dreamweaver Site Settings file or a Samsung I POLIS Image.

STR is also another example that belongs to the BASE Structure List Object file format and opens with the Base. It could instead be in other forms like Playstation Video Stream, X-Plane Object String, BFME2 Strings, Kingsoft Strings, or Windows Screen saver File.

Open STEP File: Conclusion

As you can see, you need to ensure that the file is related to the programs from above. Otherwise, you can not expect to open it. If your file is not a STEP file, research the actual file extension to learn what applications can open and convert it. Please leave your reviews in the comment section below.

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