Open APK File for Windows, Android, MAC, and IOS

Open APK File for Windows, Android, MAC, and IOS. APK files serve as archives of several folders and data that you can easily unzip with different programs like 7-ZIP or Pea Zip and get a separate component that comprises of the app. However, you still need an Android emulator such as Bluestacks to run the Android Operating System on the computer to open the APK file and also open bin file.

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An APK package distributes applications on Google’s Android Operating System. You can save APK files in ZIP format and then download directly to Android devices through the Google Play Store. However, you can also find them on several other websites. 

You can save APK files in a compressed.ZIP format, which you can open by any ZIP decompression tool. To open an APK file, you need to rename the file extension to “.ZIP,” then open it or use a ZIP application open dialog box to open the file. The contents of an APK file include an Android Manifest.xml, classes.dex, and resources.arc as well as META-INF and res folder websites. 

How to Open an APK File

You can use different methods to Open APK files, especially on Android devices. If you wish to open an APK file on your Android, you only need to download it to open. However, any APK files you install outside the Google Play Store will not install directly because of issues like security blocks that are in force. 

Most APK files come from unknown sources, and you must maneuver this security block by allowing the device to receive data from the unknown sources. Open the Menu on the device, then go to Settings>Security, then enable installation from third-party sources or unknown sources, then tap OK to confirm. Should the APK file fails to open on your Android device, use a different file manager to sort out the same task. You can also try the likes of Astro File Manager or ES File Explorer File Manager. 

Open APK File on Windows, macOS, and iOS

On Windows; You can either use Android Studio or Bluestacks to open an APK file on Windows computer. Should you choose to use Bluestacks, go to the My Apps tab, from the bottom right corner of the window, and then select Install APK. 

To open an APK File on a Mac OS.

For you to open APK File on Mac OS on Google Chrome, ARC Welder is an extension that tests Android apps for the Chrome Operating system, and it works on any Operating system. You can open an APK on your Mac or Windows computer as long as you install APK Welder with the Chrome browser. 

On your iOS; You can not install files on an iOS device, like the iPad and iPhone, because their build is different, making the two platforms incompatible. NOTE: You can also use a file extractor tool to open an APK file in Windows, Mac OS, or any other desktop Operating System. 

Open APK files Using SDK (Android Software Development)

You can also run APK files in a Windows 10 computer using the Android Software Development Kit(SDK). No need for a whole studio package unless you want to create an Android App. You can delete APK files after installing an app from Google Play because there are no APK residues and traces left. 

For you to install an APK file on your computer, take the APK and put it into the tools folder in your SDK directory while your AVD is still running, enter the ADB install filename .apk

Here’s a more detailed write up on how to install an APK file.


If your device can not access the Google Play Store APK file, you can also install apps on your device through an APK file by following the procedures mentioned above. However, be careful not to download pirated apps that are illegal. 

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